Sending Multiple Files or a Folder

To send more than the allotted files (varies per plan or account holder settings If using someone else’s account to send files), or to send a folder containing multiple files, it will be necessary to compress or zip, your files or folder.

Zipping files or folders creates a file smaller than the original file. The zipped version of the files or folders has a .zip file extension. There are several advantages to zipping files:

  • AllĀ files or folders can be bundled into one .zip file
  • Smaller file size drastically reduces transmission time
  • Smaller file sizes save on disk space
  • Many zip utilities allow you to encrypt files and protect sensitive data (Though using SendThisFile will encrypt your data as well.)

Zip Using Windows

Windows - How to zip a fileTo zip files using Windows, simply right click on the folder, file or selection of files and click the “send to” menu option, then choose “Compressed (zipped) Folder”.

After selecting the “Compressed (zipped) Folder” menu option, the file(s) will be zipped and you should now see a file with a .zipĀ extension. Select the .zip file to send via SendThisFile.

Zip Using Mac

Mac - How to zip a fileMac OS X has a feature to create ZIP compressed files from within the operating system. To create a compressed file, Control-click on the files or folder and choose Compress. Another method would be to click on a file, then go to the Action menu (the button that looks like a gear in the Finder window toolbar), and choose Compress. This action will create a new file, with the file extension .zip. Select the .zip file to send via SendThisFile.

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