Can I send a file larger than my ISP allows?

Your ISP’s (Internet service provider’s) email attachment restrictions do not limit the size of the files you can transfer using SendThisFile. Your recipients will also not be affected by any email attachment restrictions imposed by their ISPs. This is because we do not transfer large files as email attachments. For more information on file size limitations, read our quick explanation about files over 2 GB.

Delivery is a three-step process.

  1. You upload the file to our server.
  2. When the upload is complete, we send an email to the person with whom you want to share the large file. This email contains a link to the large file, rather than the large file itself.
  3. The person that you want to receive the large file clicks on a link in the email, and the download process begins.

The only part you will see is Step 1. We have made it easy to transfer large files.

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