Personal Sending Page

The Personal File Sending Page is the page you you are directed to after logging in to SendThisFile. On the Personal Sending Page, there is a Menu bar at the top that provides navigation through your SendThisFile account. Other options will display in a submenu, depending on which section of the main menu you are currently viewing. (For example, more options are visible under “My Account” and “Settings.”

SendThisFile Menu Options

Sending Files

You will use the Personal Sending Page to send large files to your recipients. In the ‘To’ field, type the email address of the individual that you want to receive your large file, separating multiple recipients with a comma or semicolon. To ensure that your recipients will receive your file quickly and efficiently, be sure to enter this email address correctly. If you will be sending files to the same people regularly, consider using the address book, which is accessed by the link to the right of the ‘To’ field.

The examples below show the Personal Sending Page in each paid plan: Starter, Professional, Business and Enterprise.

Starter Plan

starter - personal send


professional - personal send


Business - personal send


Enterprise - personal send

Below the ‘To’ field are the ‘Subject’ and ‘Message’ fields, use these to include a subject and a personal message, like details about the file. The link titled ‘Canned Messages’ is convenient if you know that you will use the same message regularly. With canned messages, you can save messages to use over and over. This is great for saving time and to keep consistency in your messaging.

All plans have the option of setting password protection for downloads. If you chose to give your file a password, you will need to communicate the password to your recipient. Your recipient will not be able to download the file without the password and it is not automatically communicated to your recipient by SendThisFile. Depending on your plan, you may also have options for what email template to use, and whether or not download and delete notices are sent.

The next step is attaching the files. Click the ‘Browse’ button to browse your computer, find the file you wish to send, then click open on the pop up window. Once you’ve attached it, the file’s name will be shown next to the ‘Browse’ button. If you’re sending more than one, choose the additional files using the other four ‘Browse’ buttons below the first. If you need to send more than five files, or a folder of multiple files, click the ‘Need to send more than 5 files?’ link for detailed instructions on ‘zipping’ the files together.

To begin the upload, click ‘Send.’ You will see the an upload meter appear on the screen that looks like this:



When the file has completed uploading, the ‘Files Sent’ page will appear.


Now your recipient will receive a message that includes all the information you entered and a link for them to click to download your file. You have successfully sent a file using SendThisFile.

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