Number of Downloads with Multiple Recipients and Files

Each type of SendThisFile account, from Starter to Enterprise, allows you to set the number of downloads for your files. Each transfer can include more than one file, but the number of downloads should correspond to the transfer as a whole and the number of recipients.

For example, to send 2 files to 3 recipients, you would set the number of downloads for the transfer to at least 3. This would allow all 3 recipients to download each file 1 time. The number of downloads need to be at least as many as the number of recipients you are sending to. Here is another example: If you are sending 5 files to 1 recipient, then you can restrict the number of downloads to 1, which would allow the recipient to download each file 1 time.

It is important to note that if one of your recipients downloads any of the files more than once before everyone else has downloaded them, that will affect the remaining recipients’ ability to download the files successfully.

Personal Send tab showing multiple recipients with multiple files.

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