How to add an Admin on an Enterprise Branded Form

The steps below outline how to set up an Administrator on your Enterprise Branded Form. We also offer an overview of Users and Administrators, as well as a step by step guide to setup additional Users.

1. After logging in, Click ‘Enterprise’ on the menu bar, and then ‘Administrors’ on the submenu bar.

2. Select the Enterprise Branded Form that you wish to create an administrator for.

3. Enter the email address for your new administrator in the ‘Add Administrators to your Branded Form’ section.

add admin to branded form email field

4. Once added, your account will generate a list of added administrators. You will be able to tell from here if the Administrators are verified or not from here. (The examples below are unverified. You can give these Administrators the ability to add users, modify Branded Upload Forms, access to My Files tab, and Transfer Log access by clicking the designated check box. Administrators can be deleted from access to the form in this area.

admins verified-unverified- added with 4 options checkboxes


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