How to Send a File

Follow the steps below to begin the first step in sending a large file, which is the secure upload of your file to our servers for distribution to your recipient(s).

  1. Easily send files by entering one recipient’s address in the Recipient’s email address field. Double check this email address for accuracy. Mistyped email addresses are a common mistake.
  2. You have the option to change the text in the Subject field. Simply delete the default text and type in your subject text.
  3. You have the option to send your recipient a personalized message with the file.  Type your message text in the Message field.
  4. Use the Choose File button to locate the file you wish to send. It’s the same as using Microsoft’s Explore function.
  5. Paid Account holders may send up to five files at once.
  6. Paid Account holders can select which custom email template to use by using the pulldown menu.
  7. Paid Account holders can select 256-bit AES encryption by making sure the box is checked.
  8. Paid Account holders can request email confirmation of the first file download, or each file download, by using the Download Notice pulldown menu.
  9. Paid Account holders can request an email notification when the file expires by checking the Delete Notice box.
  10. Paid Account holders can choose to have the file automatically deleted after a preselected number of download attempts using the Delete after ___ Downloads field. Note: This option deletes the file after the number of download attempts designated. Even unsuccessful attempts are counted.
  11. When you’re ready to send a file or files, click the SendThisFile button. Your file upload will begin and a progress bar will display the file transfer progress. When the file is successfully uploaded, SendThisFile will send an email to the recipient with a download file link.

Caution: Keep the SendThisFile page open while your file uploads. If you close your browser, or click on the “”Back”” button, the file upload will stop.

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