How to add a User to an Enterprise Branded Upload Form

The steps below outline how to set up a User on your Enterprise Branded Form. We also offer an overview of adding users and administrators and the steps to set up an Administrator.

  1. After logging in, Click ‘Enterprise’ on the menu bar, and then ‘Users’ on the submenu bar.
  2. Select the Enterprise Branded Form that you wish to add a User to.
  3. Enter the email address for your new User in the ‘Add Users to your Branded Form’ section. Your user will get a notification by email to complete the sign-up process, you may change the subject line of the email, if you like. Click Add. If the user doesn’t exist in SendThisFile, they will be prompted to create a password during the verification process. Users may need to check their spam/junk mail folders to find the notification email.
  4. Once added, your account will generate a list of added users. You will be able to tell if the users have verified their login or not. Users can also be removed in this area.
    users added list
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