How does payment work?

SendThisFile offers two payment cycles, monthly and annual. Customers who pay for one year of service at a time will receive a discount. Here’s how they work:

Monthly Payment

SendThisFile accounts are charged on the first of every month. If you register on any day other than the first of the month, you will pay for a full month and then on the first of the next month, you will pay a pro-rated amount for the partial month. You will then be charged on the first of each month after that.

how payment works 2018

Annual Payment

Some people choose to pay annually to take advantage of the discount. If you pay annually, you will be charged for a full year on the day you pay. At the next billing cycle (in a year) you will be charged on the first of the month, for a year, less the pro-rated amount from the previous year. The next billing cycle after that, will be the full price of the annual plan.

Annual payment example

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