Getting Started: Enterprise or Dedicated Plan

This is an overview of your account, actions to take, along with some tips and links to help you get the most of your SendThisFile account.

First, let’s sign in. Go to and click on “Sign up/ Login” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Next enter your email address and password, then click on the green ‘Continue’ button.

If you are already signed in and go to our home page, you will see “Send Files” in the upper right hand corner. If you see this, click “Send Files”.

Once logged in, it will automatically take you to the default “Send” tab, where you can send files. Since you have our Enterprise or Dedicated Plan, you most likely will not be using this, as you (and your users) will be using the branded upload form(s).

Enterprise Branded Upload Form

One of the great features of Enterprise plans is the ability to create Branded Upload Forms. This allows you to create a landing page for your SendThisFile interaction with coworkers, clients, vendors and customers. To get started, read our step by step guide.

Sending Files

SendThisFile Enterprise account holders can send files via a Branded Upload Form, explained above, or by using the Personal File Sending page, or Outlook Plugin.

SMTP Settings

Next, we recommend that you set up your account so that the email notifications sent to your recipients, originate from your email address, instead of having them come from Your recipients may be more familiar with your email address and more likely to open the notification email. To get started, read our step by step guide to setting up your SMTP settings.


The Filebox is similar to a branded upload form that allows individuals to send you files, but is not as customizable. Take a look at our a Filebox overview to set up your own personal Filebox page.

My Files

The My Files section is very valuable for managing your files after you’ve sent them. In this section you can increase the download limit, see who has downloaded your files, and even forward an unexpired file to another recipient without uploading it again!

My Account

This is the location where you can maintain your account information such as your login email address and password, your payment information, and your past billing receipts.


If at any point you would like additional help or clarification on this information regarding your SendThisFile Enterprise or Dedicated Plan – please contact us.

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