Common Problems When Sending Large Files

Incorrect email address entered for the recipient

This is probably the most common user error, whether caused by mistyping the email address or by the intended recipient giving the sender the wrong email address. Take time to ensure the recipient email address you enter is a valid email address.

Your large files can not be delivered to the intended recipients with an incorrect email address.

More than one recipient email address is entered (Applies to Free Accounts ONLY)

  1. If you have a free SendThisFile account and you enter more than one recipient email address in the Recipient’s email address box, when you click the SendThisFile button you will receive an error message from your browser, Only a single recipient is allowed!
  2. Make sure only one email address is in the Recipient’s email address box and start again. To send to more than one recipient, upgrade to a paid account.

The SubjectFrom and/or Message boxes contains incorrect information

SendThisFile will upload your file and send the corresponding message (including Subject, From, and To fields) as written to your recipient via a file delivery download notification email. Please take your time when entering information to properly complete each box.

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