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Create a Filebox to Receive Files – Video Tutorial

This video describes how to create a Filebox so that you can receive files from your customers or clients, with no need for them to create an account. Filebox is available for Professional level accounts and above. Continue reading

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Filebox Overview

A Filebox is a webform that allows people to send large files to you. It is hosted on the SendThisFile website. In this in-depth overview of the Filebox, we’ll explain how to set up your Filebox, some of the setup/customization options and how to receive files. It can be used as a separate link, or on some plans, it can be embedded on your website. Continue reading

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How to set the file upload limit on a Filebox

Follow these instructions to set how many files can be sent through a Filebox at a time. 1. Sign-in to and click on ‘Filebox’ in the navigation menu. Alternatively, you may directly access your Filebox page at . … Continue reading

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How to Setup Your File Transfer Filebox

Sharing a Filebox link to receive files: Login to your SendThisFile account. The Filebox menu option will not display until you are logged into your account and you have a Professional, Business or Enterprise subscription. Click on Filebox in the navigation … Continue reading

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Customizing the SendThisFile Filebox

The ability to customize a Filebox is available to our Business and Enterprise accounts. Follow these steps to customize your Filebox. After logging in, click on Filebox in the menu. On the Filebox page, you will see a list of Fileboxes that you have … Continue reading

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