Can my large file get corrupted when it is sent?

It is very unlikely that simply transferring a file will cause it to be corrupt. Most common causes of file system corruption are things like improper shutdown/startup procedures or hardware failures.

There are two quality checks operating to keep your large files intact as they move through the Internet. The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) transfers your file across the Internet in small pieces called packets. The packets are then reassembled into your original file on your recipient’s computer.

TCP/IP has a built-in “checksum” system that assures that each packet that is received by your recipient is exactly identical to the packet that was sent. When the entire upload or download is complete, TCP/IP checks to make sure that the total number of bytes received is identical to the total number of bytes sent. Between these two quality checks, your big files should arrive at your recipient’s desktop exactly as they are on your desktop.

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