Enterprise Users and Admins: Overview

This is an overview of Administrator and User settings on your SendThisFile Enterprise Account. There is no additional charge for creating additional users or administrators.


Adding Users on your Enterprise account is a great way for added security. The Branded Upload Form can be customized so that in order for someone to use it they have to be a registered user with a valid email address. This will allow you to control who uses your form. We also offer a detailed breakdown on how to customize your Branded Form security settings.

The intent for this feature is for your registered user’s to be able to send files through your account where are can track and audit what was sent and downloaded. Check out our Transfer Logs to get the most out of your plan.

We offer a step by step guide to add Users to your Enterprise account.


Establishing more administrators in an Enterprise account allows more people to have access to multiple options of the main account, without using the main account holder’s login credentials. You can select what access you would like each administrator to have, one or all options. Here are the options:

Admin options

Add Users: This allows the administrator to add users to the selected form you add them to; if you have multiple forms and want them to be able to add users to multiple forms, you will need to add them to each Branded Upload Form.

Forms: The opportunity to modify and edit the Branded Upload Form to Sender Options, Form labels, Security tab, and any customized features of the form.

File Access: The My Files tab allows for the lookup of files sent with details showing the date, recipients, and if the file was downloaded or not. This would only be for the form you specify, for added security you would need to add the admin to each form if you want or limit them to just one form.

Transfer Logs: Keep track of files that have been sent through SendThisFile Branded Upload Form that shows detailed information such as the file name, sender and recipient email address, date uploaded or downloaded, IP address, and more. Two logs are available: Upload Log or the Download Log which can also be recurring monthly to any valid email address entered.


We offer a step by step guide to add an Admin to your Enterprise account.

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