Additional Users and Admins: Overview

This is an overview of Administrator and User settings on your SendThisFile Enterprise Account. There is no additional charge for creating additional users or administrators.


Having Users on your Enterprise account can be really beneficial. The main way users interact with SendThisFile is through the Enterprise Branded Upload Form. The Upload Form can be customized so that in order for someone to use it they have to be a registered and approved user. This will allow you to control who uses your form and for what purposes. We also offer a detailed breakdown on how to customize your Branded Form security settings.

The intent for additional users set up in Enterprise Accounts is that they access SendThisFile through the Branded Upload Form. They will be able to login through the SendThisFile homepage to send files, however, their account is more limited than the main account. They will not have access to the unthrottled speeds and the other benefits unless they use the Branded Upload Form.

Each user will have access to the files that they’ve sent by going to the My Files page,  logging in and using the navigation choices on the left hand side to find the files that they have sent.  This an extremely useful tool and it eliminates the need for the user to ever login to the SendThisFile homepage.

We offer a step by step guide to add Users to your Enterprise account.


Establishing more administrators in an Enterprise account allows more people to have the ability to pull logs of the account. This allows you to track files that have been sent through SendThisFile, as well as user activity.

We offer a step by step guide to add an Admin to your Enterprise account.


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